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Spider Veins

Treatment options for reducing the appearance of spider veins for skin that looks younger and healthier.

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Varicose Veins

Varicose To Perfect is an Accredited vein treatment center and offers minimally invasive treatment options for varicose veins.

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Hand Veins

Dr. Sinnathamby has the experience and training to address the appearance of veins on the back of the hands.

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Vein Treatments For Men

We offer treatment for painful varicose veins and venous disease that can affect your daily life and athletic ability.

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Ultrasound technology now available.

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Ambulatory Phlebectomy

Treat protruding varicose veins in one visit with hook phlebectomy.

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Endo-veinous Laser Treatment

EVLT provides advanced treatment for varicose veins in a single session in our Springboro office.

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Injection therapy for spider veins and varicose veins that provides great results.

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Venous Leg Ulcers

Treatment for leg ulcers to improve healing and address circulatory concerns.

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Meet Dr. Sinnathamby

Exceptional Vascular Medicine in Springboro

A native of the Dayton, OH area, Dr. Sinnathamby is a double board-certified vascular physician. His extensive experience and training enable him to offer effective treatment for venous disease using minimally invasive interventional techniques. He helps patients address the effects of varicose and spider veins with the latest techniques and technology for superior results.
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Springboro, OH Vein Treatment

Located in Springboro, OH, our office is convenient for patients in many local communities in the Dayton area. We strive to make patients feel welcome and relaxed during their visit with us.
Our team is dedicated to patient-focused care that addresses your unique needs and health concerns. Using advanced vein therapies our goal is to improve symptoms, restore mobility and enhance the appearance of your skin.
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Solutions for venous disease

Patient Centered Care

Restoring venous health, improving quality of life.

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Treat Varicose Veins During Men’s Health Month

June is known as Men’s Health Month in the United States. During this month, experts encourage men to take care of their well-being through active prevention of medical concerns. This entails resolving lingering chronic issues that do not seem life-threatening, such as vein disorders like varicose veins. This condition develops…

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Will I See Fast Results from Vein Treatment?

Varicose veins, spider veins, and other vein disorders can disrupt the gorgeous appearance of your legs.…

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Travel Tips with Varicose Veins

With warm weather approaching, you might be itching to plan a vacation. Though you look forward…

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