Endovenous Laser Treatment Springboro, OH

Endo-venous Laser Treatment – or EVLT – is a fast, safe, and effective method of treatment for patients suffering from varicose veins and vein reflux disease. Varicose veins and related symptoms affect nearly 25% of all women and 18% of all men. While painful vein-stripping surgery used to be the only option for removing unattractive veins, EVLT has become the new norm in vein reflux disease treatment.

What Is EVLT Vein Treatment

Developed by leading phlebologists, EVLT is a virtually painless procedure that can be completed in-office in less than 1 hour and requires very little patient recovery time. There is minimal postoperative pain and virtually no scarring – leaving patients with immediate relief of both internal and external vein reflux disease symptoms.

The EVLT procedure uses duplex ultrasound technology to map out the positioning of the saphenous vein. After applying a local anesthetic, a catheter is placed inside the vein and positioned near the groin.

A laser fiber is then threaded through the catheter, and when activated emits targeted radial energy that gently closes the vein walls from the inside – causing branch veins to shrink and lose their unattractive appearance.

After the procedure, patients are required to wear a compression bandage during the day and walk a minimum of 10 minutes three times per day for 2 weeks. Endovenous Laser Post-Op Instructions

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Varicose To Perfect is one of the leading vein treatment centers in the Cincinnati-Dayton area for minimally invasive, pain-free treatments for varicose veins, spider veins, and other vein conditions. Our team is led by Dr. Sukir Sinnathamby, a board-certified interventional vascular physician.

EVLT, like many of the procedures we offer, is covered by most health insurance. Our staff will handle all of the necessary billing and documentation to secure pre-approval of treatment through your insurance company.

To learn more about EVLT and how it can help you resume a normal, healthy lifestyle, contact us today to schedule a consultation.