Vein Treatment for Men in Springboro, Ohio

While vein treatments are often marketed towards women, the truth is that men are just as likely as women to develop vein disease. Men and women who stand for long periods of time or with a family history are prone to developing vein disease in adulthood. Springboro Varicose to Perfect’s Dr. Sinnathamby provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for a range of vein disorders that affect men and women.

Vein Treatment for Men in Dayton, Springboro, Cincinnati

Vein treatments for men and women are the same procedures. And the good news is, for many patients insurance benefits will cover a large part of the cost of treatment. Dr. Sinnathamby provides comprehensive and personalized evaluations of your vein health using ultrasound and consults with your regular physician when necessary to provide the most comprehensive approach to your vein treatment.

The Importance of Treating Vein Disorders

Vein disorders can cause more health problems than just unsightly cosmetic veins.
Treating varicose veins can help in maintaining overall physical health. Many patients who suffer from vein disease experience painful, heavy legs and often become sedentary.

Sedentary lifestyles lead to a whole range of health concerns such as cardiovascular disease, heart attack and an increased risk of diabetes. Having healthy veins can help you lead a productive and active lifestyle so you can maintain your healthy weight and quality of life.

Vein treatment for Men

Dr. Sinnathamby provides a range of non and minimally invasive procedures that are completed in the comfort of our Springboro treatment center with little down time. In most cases, patients can drive themselves home after a procedure and resume normal daily activity the following day. We use state-of-the-art technology and treatments to provide patients with the latest and most effective vein treatments.

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No man or woman should suffer the embarrassment and discomfort of unsightly varicose veins. If you have venous concerns, contact our Springboro office to schedule a consultation and find the treatment that is right for you.