Varicose Vein Treatment is for Men, Too

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just women who suffer from varicose veins. Men can develop vein disease, too. While men tend to have more leg hair to hide the veins, they still need to take care of varicose veins before they develop into more serious medical conditions.

Spider veins and varicose veins are similar. Spider veins are smaller and develop closer to the surface of the skin, while varicose veins are larger and deeper and look like they are bulging out of the skin. Although spider veins typically do not pose a health risk, many patients choose to treat them for cosmetic results.

Varicose veins are a much more serious condition. Varicose veins occur when one-way valves in the legs malfunction and keep blood from flowing back to the heart to be re-oxygenated. The veins then swell and produce unattractive and painful bulges.

More than a cosmetic concern, varicose veins can cause deep vein blood clots, which could lead to a pulmonary embolism, which is fatal. Taller and heavy-set men are more at risk for clots, though anyone can get them if vein disease has progressed far enough.

At Varicose to Perfect, Dr. Sinnathamby offers three types of vein treatment for men and women. He will evaluate your vein health before developing a treatment plan in an individual consultation.

For some people, compression socks may be enough to keep blood flowing back to the heart, but for patients with more pronounced vein disease, Dr. Sinnathamby might recommend one of three non- or minimally-invasive procedures, depending on your vein health:

  • VeinGogh treatment: This safe and comfortable system is a non-invasive way to treat spider veins anywhere on the body, including delicate areas like the face.
  • Endo-Venous Laser Treatment (EVLT): This procedure is the new minimally-invasive standard treatment for varicose veins and vein reflux disease and can be performed in-office in less than 1 hour with minimal postoperative recovery.
  • Ambulatory Hook Phlebectomy: This minimally-invasive procedure is recommended for patients who suffer from painful varicose veins that protrude from the surface of the lower extremities.

Men do not need to worry as much about spider veins, but varicose veins need to be taken care of. Treatments for varicose veins are the same for men and women. At Varicose to Perfect, our treatments allow for the healing of varicose veins with little down time. Don’t let the aches and pains of varicose veins slow you down. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to alleviate your pain!