Which Vein Treatment is Right for Me?

If you notice prominent, bulging veins in your legs or other parts of your body, you could be suffering from a vascular issue. Whether you have varicose veins, spider veins, or another venous disorder, there are many treatment options available to you.

These symptoms can be uncomfortable, so you can talk to a vascular specialist about treatment for your specific concerns. Dr. Sukir Sinnthamby, a vascular physician in Dayton, OH, offers four primary options for vein disorder treatment.

variscose vein treatment in Dayton Ohio

Sclerotherapy Treatment

Patients seeking removal of spider veins or varicose vein treatment can find relief with sclerotherapy. This procedure uses an injection into the veins of a sclerosing agent, which creates inflammation that forces veins to collapse and fade from visibility.

You should see results after one session, but many patients require multiple treatments to achieve their permanent aesthetic goals. Patients report little to no pain with this process.

VeinGogh Therapy

Spider veins in the hands, face, and legs can be treated with VeinGogh therapy. In this procedure, your doctor uses tiny probes to send bursts of electricity into affected blood vessels.

This causes blood to coagulate and collapse, reducing the appearance of veins without disturbing the outer layer of skin. This technologically advanced process is an ideal treatment choice for patients whose venous disorders are not responsive to other vascular therapies.

Ambulatory Hook Phlebectomy

Patients with protruding varicose veins, usually in the legs, can choose ambulatory hook phlebectomy treatment. The procedure uses tiny hooks to remove varicose veins through a small incision.

Your doctor will provide local anesthesia for optimal patient comfort during the process. You will also wear a compression bandage for two weeks after the procedure to minimize swelling and other potential side effects.

Endovenous Laser Treatment

Varicose veins and vein reflux disease can both be treated with endovenous laser treatment, often referred to as EVLT. This procedure uses ultrasound technology to create a visual of the affected vein for the doctor.

Then, the doctor inserts a catheter in the vein and uses a fiber to close vein walls with targeted energy. Patients may notice minimal pain as they recover and should see no scarring.

Find Vein Treatment in Dayton, OH

Varicose to Perfect offers several different vein treatment options for patients in Dayton, OH. Dr. Sinnathamby treats various vein conditions and can advise on which treatment plan will work best for your medical needs. To schedule an appointment with us, contact our office online or reach us by phone at 937.303.4500.