Nicole D

Words can not express my gratitude to you & your staff! Your expertise and compassion are priceless. I am so thankful for you and your staff and I couldn’t ask for better care. Niki and Amy are especially outstanding but all of your staff have been great at BOTH locations. My family thanks you as well!

I would recommend Varicose to Perfect

My hook phlebectomy was on August 8, 2009, and I was very nervous. However, my nerves were calmed by the time we were ready to start. The technician was very nice, very reassuring, and the doctor was considerate, concerned about pain, and extremely detailed in his work. The most calming thing was the way they spoke to me and laughed with me as if they had known me for years. I never expected to have such a good experience during a vein procedure. Doctor Sinnathamby knows exactly what he is doing and I haven’t felt this good in 10 years. I would recommend Varicose to Perfect to anyone with varicose veins.

Why go anywhere else

Where else can you go and have a vein removed while watching a hot dog show? The staff at Varicose to Perfect is funny and good at their work, and the doctor is detailed, considerate, and has a great bedside manner. The television in the procedure room is a wonderful distraction and makes for great conversation during the long hook phlebectomy. The ultrasound was the most thorough I have ever had, and the doctor cares about the whole person and is good with a scalpel. They all take pride in taking care of patients, so why go anywhere else?