Reduce The Appearance of Facial Veins

Tired of trying to hide facial veins with make up and concealer?

For many patients, the visibility of facial veins causes embarrassment and a feeling of self consciousness about their appearance.

At Varicose to Perfect in Springboro, Dr. Sinnathamby offers treatment for facial veins that can effectively reduce their appearance with little to no pain using minimally invasive procedures.

Reduce The Appearance of Facial Veins

Facial Vein Treatment Options

VeinGogh: this revolutionary technique is highly successful in treating facial veins, typically providing noticeable results in 1- 2 treatments.
Sclerotherapy: traditionally used for treating the legs, sclerotherapy can also be used on facial veins to reduce visibility.

Dr. Sinnathamby will recommend the best option for your particular condition after a thorough exam and discussion about your personal concerns and goals.

There are a variety of reasons why patients may have or develop facial veins, including sun exposure and resulting skin damage. This often occurs over time and veins may become more pronounced with age.

Patients with Rosacea may also develop facial veins that become difficult to hide with makeup and benefit from treatment.  Genetics can also play a role in the onset of facial veins.  Particularly, women with fair complexions are more likely to be seen for facial spider veins.

Luckily, Dr. Sinnathamby and his team offer affordable treatment options for those who struggle with facial veins. They complete a comprehensive diagnostic exam for every patient to ensure long lasting results.

Treating facial veins can not only improve your sense of confidence in your appearance, it can takes years off of your face!