Should I Get an Ambulatory Hook Phlebectomy?

Painful varicose veins aren’t something you should have to live with. Varicose to Perfect, your vein treatment center in Dayton, OH, offers minimally invasive services to help you eliminate those varicose veins. Is an ambulatory hook phlebectomy the right procedure for you?

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What is an Ambulatory Hook Phlebectomy?

The ambulatory hook phlebectomy is a treatment that can be done right in our office, under just local anesthesia. Usually, it only takes one visit to complete the entire procedure

The procedure uses micro-extraction hooks to remove your varicose veins through a tiny incision. You’ll then get a compression bandage. This has to be worn for two weeks to minimize swelling and discomfort. This also allows it to heal properly. You’ll have to use ice throughout recovery and you can’t fully soak the body part until all wounds are healed.

This offers a success rate of 90% or higher and many patients don’t experience any pain or discomfort during or after the procedure. The small incisions that are made in the skin are tiny enough that they won’t need stitches to close up.

This procedure can also be combined with endovenous laser treatment for the absolute best results. While it can be performed alone, but with EVLT you can get the maximum aesthetic results. This minimizes your chances of skin necrosis and residual skin darkening.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Ambulatory Hook Phlebectomy?

This treatment is mainly recommended for patients suffering from painful varicose veins in the lower extremities. Before you get the treatment, let us know if you’re pregnant. You may also have to adjust your insulin dose if you’re diabetic.

However, there are no really large risks to this procedure. You won’t be able to eat or drink for eight hours before, and you can’t take aspirin or Vitamin E for five days before. Wear loose clothing for the procedure.

Many varicose vein treatments are also covered by insurance. Our staff will work with your insurance company to get pre-approval for your procedure. We’ll make sure you get the maximum benefits allowed to you by your insurance.

Why You Should Remove Varicose Veins

Varicose veins can cause everything from minor cosmetic concerns to serious pain and circulatory problems. In the veins, the blood pools and the veins swell, which causes the pain and the unsightliness. This is caused by something called vein reflux disease. Valves that are supposed to control the backward flow of blood malfunction, leading to the blood to pool up

This condition isn’t really something that can go away on its own. Diet and exercise can help the severity, but professional attention is needed to get rid of them completely. Letting these veins go can lead to severe pain, skin problems, and blood clots.

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At Varicose to Perfect, we can make sure those varicose veins disappear. If your varicose veins are causing you pain, call us today or schedule an appointment online!