Varicose Veins: What Treatment is Best?

Varicose veins can range from an annoyance to a cause of serious circulatory problems. Diet and exercise changes can help make the veins less severe, but what if that doesn’t work? Varicose to Perfect offers treatment for varicose veins in Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding area. Which of these treatment options is the one for you?

varicose veins treatment in Cincinnati Ohio

What are Varicose Veins?

If you have varicose veins, you aren’t alone. Men and women across the country suffer from this condition. But what causes it

Varicose veins are a result of faulty valves in the venous system. This is caused by a condition called vein reflux disease that impacts the blood flow in your lower extremities. One-way valves no longer function properly, causing blood to pool in the veins. The veins then swell, meaning you can see bulging veins in the skin and deal with the pain they cause as well.

What Treatment Options Are Available for Varicose Veins?

Professional treatment for varicose veins is the best option to ensure the best results. At Varicose to Perfect, we offer multiple minimally invasive techniques to minimize the appearance and pain of varicose veins.


VeinGogh is one of the most advanced treatment systems for vein problems available. High-frequency bursts of electrical energy, known as Ohmic Thermolysis, are sent directly into the veins. While you won’t see any bad effects from treatment on the outer layer of skin, the energy will collapse the vessel walls and coagulate the blood in the veins.

Some other, older techniques carry a risk of damaging the skin and leaving scars. This minimizes that risk, with any impact on the skin being extremely unlikely.

Ambulatory Hook Phlebectomy

An ambulatory hook phlebectomy is recommended if you suffer from large, painful varicose veins in your lower extremities. Through a tiny incision, varicose veins will be removed with a micro-extraction hook. This can be done in the office, under just local anesthetic. A compression sleeve is given to you afterward to ensure optimal healing.

With this procedure, you can minimize the risk of side effects like skin necrosis and residual skin darkening. Many traditional vein stripping procedures are much more intensive. With this, you can avoid a more invasive procedure. This treatment is often used in conjunction with EVLT to get the best results.


EVLT stands for endo-venous laser treatment. This is another treatment offered that can be done in the office, with minimal recovery time and scarring. You get immediate relief from your symptoms

EVLT utilizes duplex ultrasound technology to find the saphenous vein. Under local anesthesia, a catheter is inserted into the vein and positioned around the groin. Through the catheter, a laser fiber is then inserted. When it’s activated, targeted radial energy closes the vein walls from the inside. The veins branching out from the saphenous vein then shrink and lose the bulging appearance.

You’ll have to wear a compression badge after the procedure, as well as taking walks three times a day for a couple of weeks. Other than that, there are no real recovery issues to deal with!


Sclerotherapy is successful in 95% of cases involving varicose veins. A sclerosing agent is injected directly into the veins. This causes irritation, collapsing the veins and eliminating the appearance of them under the skin.

Done in-office, this treatment may require multiple treatment sessions. On average, it takes two to six sessions to get the results you’re looking for. You’ll see results shortly, but you want to make sure you get permanent results.

Treatment for Varicose Veins in Cincinnati, Ohio

Varicose to Perfect offers all of these treatment options to take care of your varicose veins. If you’re ready to get rid of these unsightly veins, call us today or schedule an appointment online!