What to Do About Hand Veins

People seek out vein treatment both for cosmetic and health purposes. Traditionally, treatment is most commonly done on the hands, face, and legs. Are you struggling with swollen veins in the hands? Varicose to Perfect is a vein treatment center in Dayton, OH that can help you take care of unsightly veins in the hands.dayton, ohio vein treatment center

Hand Vein Problems

Particularly as we get older, our skin gets thinner. This makes the veins in your hands look bigger than they did before. For many people, hand vein treatment is for cosmetic purposes. Usually, the veins themselves are still healthy, but people don’t like the enlarged, swollen look of them on their hands. Cosmetic vein treatment can help make your hands look smoother and younger.

Hand Vein Treatment Options

The most common form of hand vein treatment is sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy involves an injection directly into the veins that you’re having issues with. An agent contained in the injection causes irritation and forces the veins to collapse, therefore helping them fade from view. With this option, you’ll need around 2-6 rounds of this treatment to achieve the desired results.

Sometimes, an individual vein can disappear with one round of treatment. However, to get the overall result you’re looking for, it takes more than that. There are multiple veins in your hands and some may not respond as well to treatment. The results from sclerotherapy are permanent and each session is only about 15 minutes, making it a popular option.

A more effective form of treatment is an ambulatory hook phlebectomy. It’s commonly used for protruding varicose veins, making it a good treatment for hand veins that are swollen and sticking out. Like sclerotherapy, it’s minimally invasive and won’t leave lasting scarring on your hands after treatment.

One of the best things about the phlebectomy is that it can usually be finished in just one session. It’s a form of vein stripping that can be done under just local anesthesia and with a very small incision. Micro-extraction hooks are then used to remove the swollen veins. You’ll have to wear a compression bandage around your hands for about two weeks to minimize swelling and assist with it healing properly.

This can be done as a standalone procedure, but we may recommend that it be done in conjunction with endovenous laser treatment, also called EVLT. Before a vein treatment option is decided, you’ll have a consultation with Dr. Sukir Sinnathamby. He’ll help establish which method is best for you, how many treatments you need, and whether you’ll need multiple therapies.

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