Why to Go With Vein Gogh

There’s a reason why Vein Gogh is considered the premier treatment for spider veins in Dayton, OH. It’s one of the most advanced treatment methods available to take care of spider veins on your face, hands, and legs. We’re proud to offer this service at Varicose to Perfect. Dr. Sukir Sinnathamby explains the process and why it’s the treatment choice for those with spider veins they want to eliminate.Dayton, ohio spider veins

What are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are similar to varicose veins, except they’re smaller and are closer to the surface of your skin. They’re considered a mild form of venous insufficiency and are usually found in middle-aged women and men. Spider veins can be made worse due to hormonal changes, excess pressure on the area, or exposing them to the sun frequently.

Spider veins aren’t considered to be something detrimental to your health. However, many people choose to get them removed because they’re unsightly or they’re in areas you’re especially sensitive about. They’re dilated capillaries that appear in starburst or web-shaped clusters.

Vein Gogh Treatment

Vein Gogh is considered a state of the art treatment option for spider veins. It gets rid of them quickly and comfortably, unlike some other traditional methods of getting rid of veins. Vein Gogh works by using something called Ohmic Thermolysis. This is the process of selective thermocoagulation.

Using insulated microprobes, high-frequency bursts of electricity are sent directly into the vessels. This allows the blood to coagulate and the vessel walls to collapse without impacting the outer layers of your skin. Because it’s able to do this without affecting the outer layers of skin, it’s an obvious choice for vein treatment in sensitive areas like the face.

We want to make sure to take care of those pesky veins without causing scarring or damage to your skin. Older forms of technology and vein removal didn’t have these precautions in place. The results weren’t as good and left patients at risk of developing permanent scarring. Vein Gogh is also adept at taking on spider veins that sclerotherapy or IPL treatment wasn’t able to take care of.

Treating Spider Veins in Dayton, Ohio

At Varicose to Perfect, we do everything we can to make sure we get rid of your spider veins in a way that’s comfortable and doesn’t leave permanent scarring. If you’re ready to get rid of visible veins, call us or schedule an appointment online.