If you notice bulging or highly visible veins in your legs, face, hands, or elsewhere on your body, you may have a vein disease. These symptoms do not resolve on their own, so you will need to consult a vascular specialist for treatment.

For maximum efficiency and to ease your nerves, you might want to gain a greater understanding of what happens during these visits. Varicose to Perfect, a vein treatment center located in Dayton, OH, outlines what you can expect from a consultation appointment with a vein disease doctor.

vein consultation appointment in Dayton Ohio

Vascular Health Evaluation

For new patients at a vein treatment center, your doctor would first like to evaluate your overall health. Vein diseases such as varicose veins or spider veins are often conditions that develop on their own without signifying other medical concerns.

However, your doctor will check your health to ensure you do not have other underlying medical conditions. They will also focus on your vein health as well, evaluating the extent of your vein disease.

Individualized Treatment Plan

There are a variety of vein diseases that can manifest in several different places on the body to varying degrees. Depending on your unique concerns, your doctor could suggest one of a number of different vein treatments that could help you.

Your doctor will consult your medical history as well as your aesthetic goals to determine the best procedure to resolve your vein disease. You can be sure your concerns will be heard by your vascular specialist and that the doctor will maintain open communication with you about your care during your entire treatment.

Scheduling Modern Procedures

With an established treatment plan, your doctor will then work with you to schedule your desired procedures at our medical facility. We offer flexibility so that in-office procedures and recovery can fit into your busy schedule.

Our treatment center provides modern vein treatments with advanced equipment that you can trust for optimal cosmetic results. Varicose to Perfect’s services include endovenous laser treatment, sclerotherapy, ambulatory hook phlebectomy, and the VeinGogh system.

Visit a Vein Treatment Center in Dayton, OH

Varicose to Perfect can evaluate the health and appearance of veins in your legs, hands, and face at our treatment center in Dayton, OH. Our practice can treat varicose veins, spider veins, and other vascular conditions. To schedule a consultation with us, contact our office online or reach our team by phone at 937.303.4500.