Does Your Job Affect Vein Health?

A number of factors can lead to the formation of varicose veins, spider veins, or other vein diseases. But did you know that your job can be a major reason you develop vein disorders?

Many people will work about 40 hours a week, meaning that they spend a great deal of time in their place of work. The way you carry your body will affect your circulatory system, so long periods spent in certain positions as you work can then lead to vein problems.

Understanding how the actions you perform at work can affect vein health can help you make changes to keep your veins healthy. Read on to learn more about the impact your job can have on the function and appearance of your veins.

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What Lifestyle Habits Impact My Veins?

Your circulatory system benefits from physical activity. Regular movement through exercise strengthens your body and allows blood to flow easily through veins and arteries. So if you find yourself remaining seated or standing for long stretches of time at your job, you could hinder your vascular health.

Staying put for extended periods, either sitting or standing, will pull on the blood, negatively affecting your blood flow. This may cause it to accumulate and pool, especially in your legs. And if your blood vessels already sustained damage or weakness, you will have a stronger effect from vein disorders like varicose veins. A vascular specialist can explain in greater detail about your risk of vein problems when you call their office.

What Changes Can I Make at Work to Improve Vein Health?

You can make changes to your lifestyle at work in order to reduce this risk of forming vein disorders. If your job requires you to sit for a long time, consider propping your feet on a stool under your desk. The elevation can reduce the effect of pooling blood.

When you can, try to take breaks that involve walking around. You might not have time for an exercise routine, but this physical action can help you maintain healthy blood flow. This tip benefits people who stand for long stretches of time at their job too.

If you do remain standing at your job often, consider stretching your calves or thighs when you get a chance. This allows you to get the blood flowing in these parts of the body again. Even shifting your position as you stand will lower your risk of vein issues.

Your clothing choices can help keep your veins healthy too. Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing that will not restrict your blood flow. And choose footwear that fits comfortably and provides proper support to your feet.

If you see swollen or tender veins in your legs, you can ice them to reduce your symptoms. But you should visit your doctor for vein treatment if you notice any issues in your legs. They can provide the appropriate solution to get your legs feeling and looking their best once again.