Why Do I Have Veiny Hands?

Veins exist beneath your skin throughout your body, ensuring blood can flow freely to your heart. Sometimes you can see their faint blue color in your hands. But some people may have highly visible hand veins that bulge and feature discoloration.

You might feel self-conscious about the way bulging veins look. Sometimes this cosmetic change can happen due to the natural thinning of your skin as you age. But bulging hand veins can also happen due to disorders like varicose veins.

A vein specialist can evaluate your condition to help you reduce the harsh appearance of these blood vessels in your hands. Read on to learn what visible hand veins might mean for your overall health as well as how your vascular doctor can treat them.

Why Do I Have Veiny Hands

Is It Healthy to Have Visible Hand Veins?

In many cases, changes in the appearance of veins in your hands are a cosmetic issue with no danger to your overall health. It often occurs due to thinner skin from aging or genetic predisposition. Certain acute situations like hot weather or physical activity can affect the way your veins look as well.

Venous diseases like varicose veins may cause the veins to swell and change color. While this condition occurs due to a malfunction in the blood vessels, it does not always point to a serious medical concern.

Sometimes bulging veins in your hands can develop for a more severe reason, like deep vein thrombosis. You should consult your doctor about changes in your veins just in case a blood clot or other major vascular issue is causing this symptom.

How Will My Doctor Treat Vein Problems in My Hands?

A vein specialist can examine the state of blood vessels in your hands to diagnose the cause of the symptom. Then they can provide appropriate treatment. Clots will need urgent medical intervention, but even cosmetic issues from varicose veins can be treated.

Your dentist can offer three types of procedures to resolve damaged blood vessels and get rid of the bulging appearance in varicose veins. They can use sclerotherapy, for instance. This treatment involves injecting a medication into the affected vein that causes it to collapse and close.

Once the vein closes, the blood will redirect to healthy veins. Then you will not see bulging in your hands any longer. The doctor can also use endovenous laser treatment to close damaged veins. A third way to treat varicose veins is through ambulatory hook phlebectomy. During this procedure, a doctor uses minimally invasive incisions to remove damaged veins.

Discuss your aesthetic goals as well as your recovery preferences with your doctor by scheduling a consultation appointment. The specialist can consider your medical history to find the best treatment option for your unique case of varicose veins in your hands.

Once treated, these damaged veins are gone for good. But you should ask your dentist about prevention tips to avoid forming new varicose veins.