Are you frustrated by visible spider veins? Are you looking for a non-invasive treatment option to improve your appearance?

Try VeinGogh for a Non-Invasive Treatment of Spider Veins

Dr. Sinnathamby is one of a few Dayton, OH area physicians offering the Vein Gogh procedure. Vein Gogh is an innovative technology that transmits high-frequency bursts of electrical energy to the surface of the skin. The waves collapse the blood vessel walls without causing any damage to the healthy dermis tissue. Vein Gogh can be used to reduce the appearance of spider veins on the hands, legs, feet and Vein Gogh is so effective and safe that it can even be used to treat visible facial veins.

Patients report feeling comfortable during treatment. A non-invasive procedure there is minimal to no scarring, swelling or bruising after Vein-Gogh treatment. Any sensitivity should subside within a few days. Patients enjoy little to no recovery time and are typically able to return to their daily activity immediately after treatment.

Vein Gogh has been a revolutionary tool in the treatment of spider veins, offering consistent results superior to traditional methods that are more appropriate for varicose veins. For patients with telangiectasia of the face, nose or extremities, Vein Gogh can help them achieve their cosmetic goals and reduce or eliminate the visibility of tiny veins and blood vessels. Contact our Springboro, OH office to schedule your consultation.

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