Vein Treatment Recovery Expectations

With warm weather arriving, you are likely looking forward to the comfort of wearing shorts outdoors. But if your veins are not looking their best due to spider veins or varicose veins in your legs, you might feel self-conscious about exposing your legs.

You can find relief and aesthetic enhancement by treating vascular concerns at your local vein treatment center. If you are worried about what recovery from these types of procedures may entail, read on to learn what to expect.

Vein Treatment Recovery Expectations

Should I Plan for Downtime After Vein Treatment?

Your recovery will differ depending on which type of vein treatment you receive to resolve vascular concerns. Directly after your session, you can expect to ice and rest the affected areas in each kind of treatment. You can return to your normal activities without issue right after your procedure in many cases.

You should avoid heavy lifting after vein treatments. But your doctor will recommend walking for at least 30 minutes each day to keep blood moving through the veins in your legs.

After ambulatory hook phlebectomy, endovenous laser treatment, and sclerotherapy, your doctor will ask you to wear compression leggings for about three weeks. The doctor will provide more detailed guidelines specific to your unique case before your visit.

Does Treatment for Vein Disease Hurt?

Over the years, doctors have honed their treatments for vein diseases so that patients can experience optimal comfort during the session. If needed, as with EVLT, your doctor can provide a sedative to keep you feeling calm throughout the treatment. In these instances, you should arrange a lift home from the office, as you may feel groggy.

Vein Gogh spider vein treatment uses a small probe to collapse veins, which may give patients a minor pinching sensation. Vein treatment with sclerotherapy features an injection that may cause minimal discomfort. EVLT can leave patients with some tenderness following the session which will fade soon. All of these symptoms are brief and easy to manage.

How Long Until I See Enhancement in My Veins?

Patients often experience prompt relief from discomforts like itching and restlessness once they receive vein treatment. Aesthetic improvement may take a bit longer to achieve.

After your sclerotherapy treatment for spider veins or varicose veins, you should see results within three to six weeks, though larger veins could take a few months to heal. You can usually see enhanced veins following EVLT after two or three weeks. Ambulatory hook phlebectomy may take several months to completely fix vein disease.

Make sure you follow your doctor’s aftercare advice for the best results. You can get a good idea of what to expect from your recovery by talking with your doctor during a consultation.

Once you receive vein treatment, these damaged veins will be gone for good. Talk to your vascular doctor for tips to prevent the formation of further vein concerns.